Welcome to Birchfield Carp Syndicate

With a passion for Carp Fishing and the Countryside we aim to provide superb fishing in stunning surroundings.

  1. All members must book or notify Mark in advance prior to fishing or visiting the lake.
  2. Max speed 10mph through the Park to the members car park and no driving on the grass
  3. No fishing beyond or too close to any roped off areas or the jetty.
  4. Only the carp care equipment provided may be used and must be returned in a clean and orderly manner
  5. No fish to be lifted in a landing net. All fish must be lifted using the flotation slings. Detach line, transfer the fish to the sling before lifting out of the water. Before lifting any fish from the water, it should be checked to make sure that fins are flat against the body.
  6. Anglers wishing to hold fish for photos must do so over a wet unhooking mat or in the lake and fish must never be lifted above knee height
  7. All hook holds, wounds and fin damage must be treated prior to fish being released back into the lake
  8. Slings must be hung up of the ground when not in use
  9. Wading is permitted to un-snag fish, landing fish and photos
  10. Rods must never be left unattended; Anglers found off their rods will be asked to leave without a refund
  11. NO leaders of any type and micro barb hooks only, no bent or long shanked hooks
  12. NO Zig fishing, surface fishing of any kind, free-lining or pop ups in excess of 25cm long at any time
  13. Summer Bay must only be fished from the Summer Bay swim not by casting across from any other swim, Anglers must fish short of the Bay mouth
  14. If a fish becomes snagged, waders or one of the boats must be used (life jacket must be worn) no pulling snagged fish
  15. No litter to be left behind at any time this includes cigarette ends, line, tea bags and fruit peels
  16. No nuts and unprepared seed baits
  17. No shelf life boilies (hook baits excluded)
  18. No sacking of carp.
  19. No Bait boats or drones
  20. Minimum hook link 15lb, maximum hook link 20lb, minimum mainline 15lb
  21. A minimum 50cm of rig tubing must always be used when fishing
  22. No permanently fixed leads or bolt rigs, all leads and rigs must be able to break free should a fish become snagged
  23. No braided mainline except on spod or marker rods
  24. Lead Clips; no pins to be used to secure the hook link
  25. Membership cards and EA license must be carried at ALL TIMES
  26. No guests; (except non fishing wives and girlfriends) may be brought to the lake due to public liability conditions
  27. Parking in designated areas only, areas outside of the lake path and car park are strictly out of bounds
  28. Fishing, casting and shelters from within the designated named swims only
  29. Maximum of 3 rods only may be used “Unless otherwise instructed”
  30. Dogs may not be brought with you when fishing
  31. No reserving of swims

Flotation Slings

When used correctly these can be very useful aiding in the safe handling and release of our fish and giving them a rest after a fight before being lifted out for a photo. Please note however that they should never be used as a glorified carp-sack or used to retain more than one fish at a time

Everyone wants that special photo from time to time (including me), be it a new PB or that target fish that has taken years to catch, or just a really pretty fish but the fish’s safety must always come first.

Never retain a fish in the sling for longer than 20 minutes in normal, overcast conditions and no longer than 10 minutes in hot weather or in the early hours of the morning near shallow weedy areas as oxygen levels will be lowest in these conditions and could lead to further stress on the fish or worse. In these conditions it’s better to leave the carp in the landing net in the water resting after a fight while getting everything ready for the photos, then transfer the fish to the sling before lifting out of the water.

Please ensure that the flotation sling is very securely attached to a retaining stick so it cannot float away and in sufficiently deep water (a rough guide is twice the height of the sling in use). If possible, position the sling in a shaded area to reduce stress from direct sunlight.

Make sure that you have your camera, scales and other equipment prepared before taking the fish out of the water

Members are allocated just one landing net and one flotation sling to use when fishing. So, once you have one fish retained in the sling that rod must not be cast back out before the fish is dealt with and is safely returned to the lake. In the event that a second rod rattles off, then please deal with both fish as quickly and safely as possible. If fishing three rods, your remaining rod must now be reeled in until both fish are safely returned to the lake.

In summary, if you need to retain a carp, do it for the shortest time possible. The more you can reduce this period and keep handling to a minimum, the more you will reduce the stress the fish is subject to. Always check the carp regularly and if the fish shows any signs of distress such as loss of balance or laying on the surface return it immediately, a good photo is never worth the life of a fish

Please be aware that failure to adhere to any of these rules could result in the termination of your membership without refund. If you are unsure about any rules, please speak to Mark

Persons fishing the lake do so at their own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any Accident and/or injury to anglers or their possessions, however caused, whilst on the premises. It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers before entering the Park.

Fish welfare is paramount to maintain our fish stock to the highest possible standard. When caught, our fish must receive the highest quality care along with respectful treatment during the catch / weighing and photographing process, before being released unscathed back into the water.

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