Welcome to Birchfield Carp Syndicate

With a passion for Carp Fishing and the Countryside we aim to provide superb fishing in stunning surroundings.

  1. Syndicate membership is by invitation but may be terminated without a refund of fees paid, if the member’s rule breaking or behaviour merit immediate expulsion from the syndicate.
  2. All members must book with the Mark, prior to fishing or visiting the lake include a time of arrival.
  3. The maximum length of stay is limited to 48 hours with a minimum break of 48 hours from the lake before returning.
  4. Maximum 8 anglers on at any one time, this includes non-fishing visiting members.
  5. Members arriving or departing the Park must do so between the hours of 07:30 and 20:00. No Waiting in the lane.
  6. Max speed 10mph through the Park and no driving on the grass
  7. Syndicate membership cards and EA licence must be carried at all times, presented when asked.
  8. No fishing beyond or too close to any roped off areas or the jetty.
  9. To help mitigate the risk of spreading disease, do not bring any landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings, sacks, etc. onto the site. No exceptions! Only the carp care equipment provided may be used and must be returned in a clean and orderly manner
  10. No fish to be lifted in a landing net. All fish must be lifted using the flotation slings. Detach line, roll the net, slide the fish whilst in the net into to the sling before lifting out of the water. Before lifting any fish, it should be checked to make sure that fins are flat against the body.
  11. Slings must be hung up off the ground when not in use
  12. Anglers wishing to hold fish for photos must do so over a wet unhooking mat or in the lake and fish must never be lifted above knee height
  13. Spawning; If several fish are grouping up to spawn or are in the process of spawning, the lake will be shut until spawning has finished. Any closures will be kept as short as possible consistent with ensuring the wellbeing of the fish and will be notified to members.
  14. Permission for publicity must be organised via Mark, No publicity without prior permission.
  15. All hook holds, wounds and fin damage must be treated prior to fish being released back into the lake
  16. Wading is permitted to un-snag fish, landing fish and photos subject to a minimal level of disturbance to other anglers. 
  17. Rods must never be left unattended; Anglers found off their rods will be asked to leave without a refund.
  18. NO Zig fishing, surface fishing of any kind, free-lining or pop ups in excess of 25cm long at any time.
  19. Summer Bay must only be fished from the Summer Bay swim not by casting across from any other swim, Anglers must fish short of the Bay mouth.
  20. The boat Is to be used ONLY to rescue weeded or snagged fish, once a reasonable effort has been made to land it from the bank. Use the boat rather than pulling for a break if a fish gets snagged. The boat is ONLY to be used if you are wearing a life jacket. There are no exceptions at all to these rules. 
  21. No litter to be left behind at any time this includes cigarette ends, line, tea bags and fruit peels
  22. No nuts and unprepared seed baits, shelf life boilies (hook baits excluded)
  23. No sacking of carp.
  24. No Bait boats or drones
  25. Minimum hook link 15lb, maximum hook link 20lb, minimum mainline 15lb
  26. A minimum 50cm of rig tubing must always be used when fishing and NO leaders of any type.
  27. Leads, 3oz maximum size and must easily discharge from rigs, or if a helicopter or chod style rig is used, the hook link must easily slide off the tubing in the event of a breakage. No permanently fixed leads or bolt rigs. Rigs are subject to checks at any time.
  28. No braided mainline except on spod or marker rods
  29. Lead Clips; no pins to be used to secure the hook link
  30. No guests; (except non fishing wives with prior permission) may be brought to the lake due to public liability conditions.  
  31. Parking in designated areas only, areas outside of the lake path and car park are strictly out of bounds
  32. Fishing, casting and shelters from within the designated named swims only
  33. Maximum of 3 rods only may be used.
  34. Only one swim may be fished at any one time.
  35. Dogs may not be brought with you.
  36. No reserving of swims
  37. For the long-term welfare of the carp, the use of ALL plastic & artificial baits are banned.
  38. A maximum of Size 6 has been set for the welfare of the fish. These should feature micro barbs. No barbless, long shank or bent hooks to be used at any time.
  39. Your swim is not a toilet – do not use it as one! A compost toilet is provided on site for your convenience for anything beyond a number one. Please read the instructions and leave it clean.
  40. Spodding and baiting up Is permissible when it will not unduly affect the fishing of other anglers. Pellets, ground baits and spod mixes may be used in moderation, excessive use can lead to polluted water. Trout and Halibut pellets may be used in moderation from May – September
  41. No fish are to be brought onto or taken off the site or moved between lakes or ponds on site. Anyone moving fish, will be automatically banned for life. 
  42. All catches must be reported to Mark via a text, WhatsApp message or email including photos and details of weights within 2 weeks of the capture. Some photos may be used on the website, subject to the members’ permission.
  43. It may be necessary to amend existing or add new rules during the course of the season. All members will be notified in the event that any changes are made. 
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